How to To Make Your Food Taste Awesome

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In case you are not skilled with the food recipes and preparation, listed bellow are some of the easy food tips to make your meals delicious easy way. No matter you prepare breakfast, dinner or just a snack, the easy food tips are here to make your food even more attractive and awesome.


Idea by Janice Kamide

Images Source BuzzFeed

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  1. Amanda Soley

    very original and crative!! thanks for sharing!!

  2. This site is just simply brilliant, I loved it!

    • Aahana Kashyap

      Hmmmm Evan o True Saying…This site really simplly nice and Good

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  5. YUM! These all look amazing! Salt on watermelon though? Who would’ve thought??

    • I have always added salt to watermelon and got a lot of side glances and comments about it. Glad to see someone else recognizes gourmet food when they see it :)

      • READ MY COMMENT (it is TRUE)

        I theink it is just a way of making fruit unhealthy

        • Rude.

        • Salt is not unhealthy, unless it’s too much.

          Why do you state something you ‘theink’ is necessarily the truth?

    • It actually helps wonderfully. I’ve been doing that for a couple of years, it doesn’t take much though.

    • Russell

      Yep, it’s good, I also like to sprinkle some chili powder on it for a nice flavor twist

    • I’m from the south and we always put salt on watermelon. It actually brings the juices from the watermelon out.

      I hope you give it a try some time. :) Enjoy!

      • michelle

        i’m also from the south, 34 yrs old & have been putting salt on my watermelon as far back as i can remember. delish!

        • from the south as well… 41yrs… as a kid we moved up to Washington State… people thought we were weird for putting salt on not only watermelon but most melons… sadly we stopped doing this after my dad developed high blood pressure… Momma made us cut out all unnecessary salt usage.. :(

    • Delightfully Awkward Brittany

      I have also always added salt to watermelon, I had no idea it was such a secret! I’m southern also.

    • BillyAndy3

      It’s a pretty old concept. A lot of folks in the south put salt on their watermelon. My grandmother being one of those folks.

    • yep grew up putting salt on watermelon yum!

      • Have always put salt on watermelon……. also on grapefruit and melon. The salt makes them all taste sweeter. Those who put sugar on their grapefruit are actually making it taste more sour. My dad taught me a lot of things about food when I was young.
        Some of the tips are not very healthy and full of junk food. Think about it before you put it in your mouth.

        • I have salted my watermelon for as long as I can remember. Never tried it on grapefruit, but I have one in my fridge, so I’ll give it a try.

        • That’s what she said!

          But seriously, these aren’t all necessarily “tips” but rather creative ideas. I don’t think anyone things that corn dogs or drunken gummi bears are healthy…that doesn’t mean that every once in a while they aren’t delicious and fun!

    • mexicans have been adding salt to all their fruit forever. Also try hot sauce or Chamoy. good stuff.

      • you should try salted lemon, its amazing! its sweet and sour – its cool. suck on it after salting it

        • When I was pregnant with my youngest (about 35 yrs ago) I used to cut lemons into wedges, and sprinkle salt & pepper on them and munch away! My hubby thought I was nuts…

    • hollywood

      I heard that when I was a child, it is very sweet n good not salty…sprinkle lightly.

  6. Some very good and creative ideas. Thanx

  7. This site is AWESOME!!! Thanks for inspiring me! :0)

  8. Wow. What great ideas. thank you so much. If you got more please send them to my email. thanks

  9. Wow! These are terrific. Thank you so much! There is truly something here for everyone. :-D

  10. Diamond


  11. Awesome!! Thanks for Sharing the great Idea’s. i was looking for the same and surely after read this blog i have lots of new idea’s. Really Appreciated

    • Choudhary

      Well Said Summi. Its Really Appreciated and Well Covered Topic for Food Lovers.

  12. I like to eat ice cream every day ;)

  13. Bakeca Incontri Roma

    Very tasty! I love it!

  14. thanks so much, i will try to do.

  15. northierthanthou

    Some of these do look kind of interesting. The apple sandwiches in particular may be worth trying.

  16. Now you just went and made me hungry!
    i love it!
    thanks stumbleupon! liking it

  17. ElizabethMD

    Brilliant ideas and of which most can be done on budgets.

  18. melissa

    These are strange ideas but I bet they are good. I will defenately have to try some of them. Thanks for sharing.

  19. leon is awesome

    What’s up to every one, since I am actually keen of reading this weblog’s
    post to be updated on a regular basis. It includes good stuff.

  20. Jennifer

    Great ideas. Some I had seen, but some were new.

  21. العب

    I like to eat ice cream every day ;)

  22. Jeremy Foster

    Peanut butter in Ramen!? WOAH. Mind = blown.

  23. Anisha malhotra

    the food looks entirely delicious

  24. Lise Griffiths

    Oooo i love this! Easy, different and tasty, just my kinda thing! I especially love the breakfast popsicles and chocolate chip stuffed raspberries.

  25. Wow everything is either really gross, or obvious. Sorry :(

  26. Virginia

    So simple and yet I never thought of it. I can’t wait to try the corn dog muffins. My grandsons are going to think Granny is a pure genius. Thank you.

  27. Interesting. Some of these things sound really disgusting and like they would just ruin the food they’re using…

  28. MSamyama

    I love your recipes, seem so great, tasty and healthy, which is the most important thing.

  29. Beverly

    I love the apple sandwich idea, how unique!

  30. These are original and fun ideas. My kids will love them…but the drunken gummies are all mine!

  31. Denise Peace

    The breakfast popsicles are the must-try on this list. They look scrumptious!

  32. These are so creative and easy! I think I have corn muffin mix and may probably make corn dogs for dinner! I definitely need to try the apple pie floats though.

  33. These Look Gross

    Yes. These all look gross and weird

  34. These Look Gross

    These look GROSS

  35. sir jorge

    grilled pb and j sounds impressive and tasty

  36. Sarah Jackson

    my mouth is full of water to see all these yummy food wish this was in real for me

  37. Michelle

    These are so delicious ! Love to try all !

  38. richard loh

    Awesome website, are you a chef?

  39. i think you are helpful

  40. This is awesome!

  41. karsten

    The bears would be nice in raisin icecream, just done with rhum (Dark) instead of vodka

  42. I may have appreciated these recipes more if the thought of peanut butter and ramen didn’t immediately turn my stomach. Ugh, it’s like trailer park Thai food >_<

  43. This is a cool page for adding that touch of personal. very creative.

  44. Creative tips! thanks. inspire me more….

  45. Very Helpful… this can make very simple food yummy … :)

  46. arlyn tibule

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm…. I love them all! So interesting that I could use on special occasion yet so simple to prepare. Thanks for the ideas. I love it!

  47. fergielau86

    Reminds me the programe:TOP ONE CHEF

  48. Janet Williams

    Wow, all of these recipes look terrific! Wish it was possible to get all of them in a book or something.

  49. Paula Santos


  50. Love all the ideas, but most don’t tell you how much of everything to put together.

  51. Stephanie

    Yummy…So many to choose from. I intend the apple pie float as well as the mac and cheese ideas. Lots of cool snacks. Thanks for sharing.

  52. Nick Carter

    Delicious food recipes…..

  53. Mary Thompson

    this makes me hungry lol

  54. Good I like them.

  55. tempting…………..

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    simply brilliant, I loved.

  57. man and van

    I really enjoyed reading this post, I always appreciate topics like this being discussed to us. Thanks for sharing.

  58. bao ho lao dong

    wow I love them all.


  60. Tip: if you add ranch powder mix to your mashed potatoes and some crema cheese it will taste awesome and will Have great texture.

  61. I love yogurt dots which I am going to try in few minutes and grilled PB+J sandwich mmm…mmm…mmm yum

    Thanks so much for posting :)

  62. TiarraLynn

    These ideas are great. I wish some of them told you all the steps to make them.

  63. SomeBloke

    Agree with Mary Thompson…. so hungry now! :-D

    Great tips, Thanks.
    I’m in Somerset, UK ~ known for it’s cider – often called Scrumpy (and the home of Cheddar too, but wev) and in UK cider is alcoholic, so may well try the Apple Pie Float (adult version ;) )

  64. chidinma maryann

    ooh! is amazing that watermelon can be eaten with sprinkled salt.

  65. Delicious food

  66. Bakeca Milano

    These look delicious !Thank you!

  67. The Sugar Reporter

    so creative and clever! thanks for showing something new, easy, useful and good…

  68. Ankoku Flare

    Some of these look fun to try. XD
    I’ll need to remember to try out a couple. :3

  69. wow, delicious :)

  70. :) )

  71. glad to stumble upon ya’ll!

  72. Veronica Rangel

    AWESOME TIPS my husband is gonna love me more!!!!

  73. Woldemariam Ayele

    This is what I dream!

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    Look delicious, angry angry angry!!!

  75. I like to put lemon on my watermelon, it makes it sweeter without changing the texture :)

  76. Mother of God… this is increeeedddiiibbbllleeee!! :)

  77. I love the idea of making mac and cheese with gnoochi. Even I would like it.

  78. What fun ideas! I’ve always been made fun of by my husband for putting salt on my watermelon! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one! I can’t wait to try the sour patch grapes. So fun! Thanks for sharing. Found you on StumbleUpon!


  79. Eileen Cupido

    Mmmm , so yummy … like to have them all !

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  83. Waaaaahh!!! Like oh my gee the weird small things you can add to common foods is amazing. Its like you try to mix things in life but sometimes get scared cause the taste could be fantastic or retched. and when experimenting you fail more times than win.

  84. LOVE this! Can’t wait to try some. Great pics too btw! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  85. wow yammy

  86. Awesome Ideas!! definitely gonna try the breakfast Popsicles!

  87. meredithcarlisle

    such goo ideas!

  88. This is amazing – thanks!

  89. Great foods, really make me want to have it right away. Especially fruit and yogurt on the ice cream cone – Ferb

  90. Your pictures are amazing. You make me hungry. :-)

  91. So great looking and tasty ideas mmm .

  92. KirstenJK

    Love these ideas!!!
    Quick Question: With the Yogurt Drops do you bake them or freeze them?

  93. derek JAMES zary

    Neat Ideas… May I add one and the story to go with?
    I was in the hospital and was hungry and it is hard to fall asleep while hungry. But all there was in the fridge was individuale left over cups of vanilla pudding. And there was also bran flake cereal, but no milk. So I mixed the pudding with the bran flakes and whad-ya know , it was delicious – and did not get soggy so quickly as well…-. Go ahead and give that a try, some will like, some wont I bet…

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  95. Elizabeth Howard

    These are all great ideas! I can’t wait until my little one is all grown up and she can eat all these tasty things!

  96. Freeze! Like frozen yogurt dots1

  97. Алексей

    Зачитаешься, супер

  98. Love many of these tapas-sized treats! Fabulous ideas!

  99. Your pictures are amazing. A lot of foods in there. Jeah.

  100. Banana hot dog looks amazing.

  101. Donne Bologna

    Awesome ideas!! Love them all!

  102. Donne Bologna

    I’ll try the recipes…

  103. missyblurkit

    brilliant way to spice our food up and break the monotony of everyday dishes.

  104. This is awesome.
    Totally gonna try the recipes!!!

  105. Nice post and awesome recipe. I love it.

  106. banana hotdog?! seriously! hahahhaa

    • I love to spread pb and molasses on a jalapeno wrap and roll up my banana in that…mmmm

  107. Happy Person

    How does one make the yogurt dots…? Do you freeze them?

  108. Arun Sengupta

    Some of them are surprisingly tastier than i expected :)
    Thanks for an awesome post :)

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  110. Wonderful site. Wish you had something like this for vegans.

    • most of these are or can be, for things that don’t require baking most alternatives should work (like the foods asking for yogurt, plenty of vegan alternatives out there for that) and special baking alternatives should work for the rest. i definitely recommend grilling pbjs, i always do that if i have the time and in addition to the salt with watermelon the right amount of salt water is great for apple slices (makes them sweeter and keeps them from going brown). and for a quick thing i really like i spread Pita Pal brand jalapeno hummus between two Crisp’N Lite Wasa crackers and wrap it in nori seaweed whether plain or your choice of seasoning, sounds weird but they really complement each other i have found!
      i’m not huge on cooking but i’m a fellow vegan always curious for quick new things so hopefully some of this helped you c:

  111. I wish you guys had a pinterest button so I could post this to my pinterest page…

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  113. OKie here, salt on watermelon, yep, but I never would have said it makes it sweeter, it just adds a whole new dimesion…want another treat? Try black pepper on a cantaloupe, fantastic!

  114. Hi,I’m from New Zealand and had never heard of putting salt on water melons, but as a child I did enjoy salt on lemons. It must be an American custom as so many have commented on doing it.
    I might give it a try.
    Thanks for the tip:-)

  115. LN Nagaraj

    Water melon, should be cut in to small pieces and kept in a fridge for 10 mts,then sprinkle ‘salt and pepper’ mixed & powdered on to this pieces, eat and enjoy—

  116. TicklemyToes

    I was dumbfounded! can’t stop scrolling.. i’m hopin for more :)

  117. Great ideas! Very motivated to try some :D

  118. Delicious ideas. Thank you so much for the tips. I will gladly try them all.

  119. Always ate salt on oranges that we’re a bit sour. Nice photos, almost enough to tempt me to eat a corn dog!

  120. helon dov

    I love the figs with cream I never seen such a stuff before. Yummy.

  121. Sunil Kumar

    Thanks for the varieties of recepies I like that very much.

  122. put sriratcha on anything!

  123. Michael duarte

    This is very cool

  124. Ross il-Forn – Bake Rice


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    300g. beef stock
    salt and pepper
    (other ingredients)
    4 beaten eggs
    25g.grated cheese
    1 tablespoon basil (optional)


    1 In a frying pan heat the oil then fry the meat and sliced onion until meat is browned then add chopped tomatoes
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    2 Boil rice in salted water , when half cooked strain and cool under a runny water.
    3 mix the rice well with the sauce then add the beaten eggs and the other ingredients.
    4 Put the mixture into a greased baking dish and cook in a moderate oven for 45 mns or till top is brown.

  125. Awesome ideas !

  126. This stuff is awesome!

  127. Wow, salt on watermelon isn’t a new idea. I learned that as a kid, and I am now almost 60 years old.

  128. man and van

    Wow, that’s what I was seeking for, what a information! existing here at this weblog, thanks admin of this website.

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  133. charleenjohn2

    ooooooooooooo veryvery helpful thank u

  134. RJ Penn

    Nice share. There are plenty of ways to add extra flavours to foods to make them appealing not just for the appetite but for the eyes as well.

  135. I love stumble… I find these treats refreshing and comfortably simple. LOVE IT

  136. I want some Ramen now!

  137. Great ideas! Can’t wait to try them out!

  138. Marcelo Bárcia

    Greats Photos!


  139. i like web you

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    looks very delicious!!

  141. Heay… I’am vegi…but…when i see this :) … i’am

  142. Patricia (Twitter: @PatriciaStreete)

    You make great points and I’ve tried some of your suggestions. Very well done! The photos are great and colorful! :D

  143. Really useful and very user friendly

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  145. Thanks! Now I’m hungry. I have to try some of these! :)

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  147. Jon Burtard

    Some of these look pretty good.

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  148. Yummy! :)


    forever bless keep life not death BLESS

  150. Huhhhh …. I’m Hungryyyy

  151. These were amazing! My goal is to try each and every one :] wow this is the perfect mentality

  152. Kids veggie food

    Some really cool, creative ideas here. The salt and watermelon is just as good as that good old milk chocolate and cheese and onion crisps. Sweet and savoury yumm

  153. Kids veggie food

    really cool and deliciously silly. Try strawberries with salt too

  154. ememjebe

    I’d like to try taste of Apple Sandich

  155. Where can I find these recipes?

  156. I cannot wait to try the roasted chickpeas idea. I think cayenne pepper, paprika, and garlic would taste yummy. I also like the ideas of fruit and yogurt in a waffle cone and sour patch grapes. My mother has been putting chocolate milk and ice cream together for years and finds it delicious.

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  159. Are you 5???

  160. Cindy Roett

    I found this page to be so exciting!

  161. Tanya Sachdev

    wow…I am already hungry and I am definitely trying these tips.

  162. Add butter to your oatmeal. So simple but soooo good especially on dinosaur oatmeal (:

    All of these were great though I’m gonna use them on my boyfriend (:

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    Wow great tips friend surely i am gonna try something out here

  164. Fab gonna make mummyhood more adventurous at dinner time x

  165. aimalisious

    sounds cool, gonna try ‘em!

  166. peter ojo

    wow my big mouth is watering now can i eat now.

  167. Gotta love a grilled PB&J, I call mine the Dirty Northerner.

  168. Thanks for shearing, these are some wonderful treats, I have to try some.

  169. People are so creative with their food. I will definitely try some of these ideas! Thanks for sharing.

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    really cool and deliciously silly. Try strawberries with salt too

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  173. Umar Jamil

    Really cool! Liked it :)

  174. add bacon to anything

  175. Terrific ideas and pictures! Thank you for sharing!

  176. Karolina

    Great ideas!

  177. I too have been putting salt on watermelon since I can remember. Now the peanut butter in ramen part made me quite skeptical, but I do love peanut butter.

  178. Wow! You are an artist!

  179. Jonathon Jennings

    This is such a cool website, thats really original! :)
    Me and my man are definitely going to make some of these!

    ill definitely come back and re-read this later!

  180. GiGi Eats Celebrities

    This is so mean to look at when I am as hungry as I am! LOL!

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  182. Kelsey Apley

    I have grown up eating salt on watermelon! Best way to eat it :-D

  183. All love all these simple tweaks. I am going to try some of them out. I have never seen anyone add salt to watermelon in my adult life. However that is what we grew up on. Great post. :)

  184. thanks very much for this, just what I wanted

  185. Salt on watermelon :D where you come up with these things


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